There are two main ways people go when they're drunk:  They either get extra DEPRESSED or extra TALKATIVE.  22-year-old Andrew Paul Rivera of Waynesboro, Virginia apparently gets extra talkative.

Andrew Paul Rivera

On Friday, cops pulled him over for driving drunk.  Andrew's friend, 22-year-old James Reinhold, was in the passenger seat.  So the cops asked James if he could drive.

But Andrew interjected and told the cops that James was ALSO drunk.  AND he told them that James had outstanding warrants.

The cops found James DID have an outstanding warrant for failure to appear in court, so he was arrested too.

There was a dog in the car, but since both Andrew and James were headed to jail, the dog was taken to the pound.

Andrew was released from jail after he sobered up, but James is still locked up on $2,500 bond.

(NBC 29 - Charlottesville