The police must just LOVE Facebook.  It does a MIRACULOUS job at ferreting out the world's dumbest criminals.  Like this guy.

Pic via Huntington Beach PD

Last month, 18-year-old Luis Enrique Rodriguez of Anaheim, California participated in a RIOT that broke out after a surfing championship in Huntington Beach, California.  There were massive fights and some serious vandalism.

Last week, the Huntington Beach Police Department posted photos of 25 rioting suspects on their Facebook page, to ask for help identifying them.  And Luis was in one of those photos.

Luis's cousin spotted the photo on Facebook and actually TAGGED him in the comments under the photo.  He didn't do it to help the cops bust Luis, he did it to help Luis BRAG about being up there.

And if that wasn't enough to lead the cops to Luis, Luis also went onto the Department's Facebook page and "LIKED" the photo.  He's been arrested.