A sick child with 103º fever is not really how Jessie and I envisioned our Christmas Day that year.  But anyone who has a child knows that plans often fly out the window for a number of reasons, especially a sick child.

So instead of time with friends and family on the holiday, we were about to spend our Christmas in a hospital.  Lucky for us, it was Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital.

Christmas Day would be Zak’s second time in the facility.  We were once again wowed by how well they do things.  Children are given the special attention they need and nurses and doctors have that special heart someone needs when dealing with kids. 

Each kid is even given a chance to pick out a toy to take their minds off of the fact that they’re sick.  It really is the little things that make this place so special.

With a long day in the hospital behind us, medicine in hand, and a mending child in his car seat, Zak clutched that day’s gift, a soft teddy bear, and perhaps recalling the kids he met in his earlier stay, asked, “Does Santa visits the kids in the hospital?”

I said, “Of course, Santa finds ways to visit all the good boys and girls.” 

Content with that answer, Zak and his bear dozed for the rest of the ride home.

What I didn’t tell him was Santa’s secret.  That secret is that in Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital, Santa visits these kids in some way, every day.

Santa is a kind nurse who knows exactly how to distract young eyes from a large needle. 

Santa is the valet who takes your car as you rush inside the ER at 2am. 

Santa is even the doctor who sees the fear in your eyes when your child is sick, and stays as long as she needs to reassure mom & dad that things will be okay.

So please, take a moment and help all of these great Santas do their work at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital.  You can make a difference by touching lives and providing comfort and care to thousands of patients and their families each year.

Please make a quick donation now at http://bit.ly/HDVCHRadiothon, because even Santa needs our help.

Zak & His Bear | Christmas 2012