Update 3/18: After heading in for surgery, mom's doctor found out that the cancer wasn't reacting like he expected. So rather than go forward will the full procedure we are awaiting further testing. Still hoping for the best.

For the past 3 months I've been in and out of the hospital with my mother. Her diagnosis, Lung Cancer. 

Grammy & Zak, 2013

Starting Monday she will have surgery to remove the cancer. As the next step in this fight begins, I will be taking time off to support and care for her.

My mother raised me as a single mom, something only a strong woman can do, and she's showed her strength again as she fights this disease.

Despite her strength, for me it's been the scariest time of my life. Confusion, anger, and sadness have all balled together and been the overwhelming feelings for the past 3 months.

I've decided to try and change that driving force as my mother continues her treatment, and her fight.

As a way to honor my mother in her fight against cancer I'd like to ask for your support at this year's Relay For Life in Wayland. My mom moved from Detroit to Wayland after my son was born to be closer to her family, and our lives have been better for it ever since.

Please CLICK HERE as I try to reach my goal of $1045 at this year's event. Thank you so much for your time.