Yesterday, there was a discussion on about things that are CUTE when women do them, but CREEPY when men do them.  Here are the top eight.

1.  Asking if anyone wants to go to the bathroom with them.

2.  Saying a kid is going to grow up to be hot.  If a woman says a little boy is going to grow up to be hot, it's cool . . . if a man says a little girl is going to grow up to be hot, it is most definitely NOT COOL.

3.  Whispering, "I'm not wearing any underwear" into someone's ear.

4.  Wearing their significant other's clothes.

5.  Loading up texts with smiley and winky face emoticons.  Or even ONE emoticon.

6.  Eating a banana while maintaining eye contact.

7.  Buying a lot of adult toys.

8.  Referring to their father as "Daddy" once they're older than age 10.