If you hear a woman screaming for help, and the sound seems to be coming from INSIDE your walls, what's your first instinct?  Is it:  There's a woman trapped in the walls?  Or, OH MY GOD IT'S A GHOST!

In China, apparently the answer is, OH MY GOD IT'S A GHOST! 

Late on Saturday, a woman was walking home in Anhui, in eastern China, and tried to take a shortcut through a narrow passage between buildings.  It got narrower, and she ended up getting stuck, so she started screaming for help. 

But no one in the buildings helped her because they apparently ALL believed they were hearing a SHRIEKING GHOST.  Seriously.  And she was trapped there for SEVEN HOURS.

Finally, someone walking by heard the screams, and thought they might be coming from a non-ghost human.  So he called for help.

Firefighters got the woman out of the wall in about 20 minutes, and she was okay.

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