A real life school employee broke bad and was able to nab 3-Million Dollars!

There's a school district accountant in Rialto, California who managed to EMBEZZLE millions of dollars by shoving it in her BRA.  Not all at once, of course.  That would take one hell of a bra.

Apparently, 48-year-old Judith Oakes has spent the past seven years carefully stealing the money she was supposed to be counting.  She would get the school LUNCH MONEY every day and count it up. 

But she was very slowly siphoning cash off the top by jamming it in her bra.  Officials believe she stole as much as $3 million.

To steal $3 million in seven years, that would require stealing at least a few THOUSAND dollars pretty much every single school day.  So she REALLY must've been packing that bra solid.

Judith's salary with the Rialto Unified School District was about $60,000-per-year.

She was only caught stealing the money after she was caught on surveillance camera.  Judith has been arrested but official charges have not been filed.

(New York Daily News