On Sunday, 41-year-old Rebecca Boss was at a baby shower in Lincoln, Nebraska.  It's not clear if it was HER baby shower or a friend's.

But when 28-year-old Julia Bol showed up, Rebecca took it upon herself to try to BOUNCE Julia out of there.

Turns out Julia used to get-it-on with the baby's father, and she wasn't showing up just to eat some cucumber sandwiches and give the baby a onesie or a rocking horse or something.

Julia ended up getting into a FIGHT with Rebecca as Rebecca tried to get her out of there.

And it escalated when Julia took off one of her SIX-INCH STILETTO HEELS, which, by the way, aren't very traditional baby shower shoes, and STABBED Rebecca in the face with the heel.  Then Julia tried to choke Rebecca out.

Rebecca was treated at a hospital with a puncture wound in her cheek.  Julia was arrested and is facing charges of felony strangulation and misdemeanor assault.

(The Smoking Gun