Maybe you SHOULDN'T walk your dog through a park where dudes are freebasing crack at two in the afternoon.

Pic Via Facebook 

Apparently vets in Berlin, Germany are seeing an increase in DOGS who've gotten HIGH on hard drugs, and they think it's because DRUG ADDICTS are POOPING in parks, and the dogs are EATING it.

Supposedly the drug users poop in the park, usually in the bushes.  Then dogs sniff out the poop and eat it.  Because that's what dogs do.  They eat poop.  Then they get high off the drug residue. 

But the residue from heroin and other drugs in the poop can cause serious problems for dogs like from dehydration and trouble walking to life-threatening conditions like a rapid heartbeat.

And there's no reason this COULDN'T happen in West Michigan, so if your dog DOES get high off drug-laced human feces, get him to the vet as quickly as possible, usually they can get him to vomit everything up, then help him recover. 

(Huffington Post)