There are a LOT of things that can kill a 107-year-old man.  Even something like constipation or a cold is potentially lethal at that age.  But THIS isn't how you picture a 107-year-old man going out. 

On Saturday night, 107-year-old Monroe Isadore of Pine Bluff, Arkansas died, after getting into a SHOOTOUT with the COPS. 

The police got a call on Saturday afternoon from two people saying Monroe pulled a gun on them.  It's not clear who those people are, or whether or not they're related to him.

And when the cops got to the house, Monroe shot at them through the door.  Fortunately, he missed.  Then a SWAT team showed up, and Monroe started shooting at THEM. 

Finally, the SWAT team busted down the door and tried to grab Monroe, but he just wouldn't stop shooting.  So they fired back, and killed him.  No police officers were injured. 

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