Here is my 2014 Lollapalooza blog...



Day 1

Chicago was a beast to get in to. We didn't get actually get to Lolla until almost 6p CT. This was do to traffic and hail...yes hail.



Eminem was great as usual, however his sound crew needs to be fired. There was more than one occasion that Eminem couldn't be heard at all. I have an example in the video.

 The best part of the evening is when Rihanna made an appearance. The crowd was louder for her, than they were when Eminem came out.

Here are a couple highlight performances, including a special appearance from Rihanna!! *Warning* If you are going to the Monster Tour, then you might not want to watch this.

 Eminem & Rihanna


Lorde's performance was perfect for "lolla". It was very chill and little awkward, but amazing! 



Day 2 was just as amazing as day 1. It started with Gramatick, who I'd heard a lot about, but never actually watched him perform. I liked it. It's definitely more of a festival style of music, for me anyways. 

Then from there we bounced between Nas, & Foster The People. Nas is a legend so I personally was very excited to see him, however the crowd was not as impressed. Foster The People, I never really got TOO into, but I will now. They are great live and I loved every song. 

Finally we ended up seeing Outkast, Krewella, & Calvin Harris. Each one of the of them KILLED it. Krewella was 1 million times better live than I could have ever imagined. Outkast's die-hard fans stuck around for the entire set, but a lot went to other stages. Calvin Harris crowd wasn't as big as I would have expected, which was nice for us. 

See a quick view of the day below



Day 3

Day 3 was much calmer and quieter than any of the other days. It could be due to the storms that passed throughout the day. It got to the point where I was too soaked to stay. We only missed the final shows Kings of Leon, Chance The Rapper, & Skrillex. These were the 8:15 shows that all played last on Sunday. I would have loved to see them, but I was drenched.

Overall I think the best performance, (based on where we stood in front of the stage, the crowd, and artist performance) would have to be Childish Gambino. He is so animated, the crowd loves him, and his songs are incredible. I put more of his set in this video to show you what I mean.


 Pics Updated 08/03


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