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Hack or Wack: Find Out Who Facebook Stalks You Hack Test

Posted June 27th, 2014 @ 6:59am

I have decided to start testing out "life hacks". The first test will be from @lifehacks who claims that with this code you can find out who stalks your Facebook. 

Here is the list of all my friends that pop up, hidden for their sake, lol.

Here are my top 3 stalkers according to this hack. #1 is a good friend from High School. This could be legit. 


#2 The new girl Sam from Wood Radio... yeah she probably does stalk haha. :P 


#3 is Shmitty who I KNOW is stalking me. 


I can't really say tell whether or not this works. It could just be the people you chat with the most. I would have to say this is WACK until someone can prove otherwise. 

Got a great "Life Hack" you want me to test message me on Facebook. - Dj Internio 

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