As most of you know I have been struggling with quitting smoking for the last year or so. It's something that is a daily struggle and is much harder than I ever imagined. Anyone that starts and says "Oh, I will just stop when I feel like it", is kidding themselves.

Every week I say to myself "This is the last pack" and every week I get down to my very last cigarette & begin to feel that anxiety coming on. That anxiety that only smokers know. It's the idea of not knowing how you will get your next cigarette. Because it is unheard-of to have an empty pack.

I have chosen "vaping" as my alternative. It is still a daily struggle, as seen in the video below, but I am adjusting what works best for me and eventually will kick the habit!



Today CVS Pharmacy has officially announced that they are banning cigarette sales in all of their stores. It's part of their #OneGoodReason campaign.
I have already jumped on board with this. This is not offical with CVS...yet, but I think it is a great idea.



Post by CVS.