Miley Cyrus caught a lot of attention for her VMA Video of the Year speech, when she brought on a young "homeless" man to accept the award and bring awareness to My Friend's Place.

However, some reports say Miley's new friend isn't exactly the typical "homeless" person, but more like a struggling male model (which would explain his freakish good looks).

Jesse claimed to be "homeless," "starving," and "scared."

During a recent interview, Jesse's mom explained he moved to LA to pursue his dreams and at one point found himself sleeping in a bush. She explained Jesse always had a home to come back to, but at the same time he didn't want to, "Run home to mommy."

Homeless or not, the point of Miley's campaign is to help struggling youth who have big dreams... Just like she explains in the video below.

So, even if Miley's new homeless friend isn't really "homeless," it's still a great cause!

Watch the inspirational speech: