"Good Amanda" vs "Bad Amanda"

Amanda Bynes could be in some serious trouble...

After her weird behavior, illegal activity, and time in a psych ward, her mom told TMZ, "She has no mental illness whatsoever."

Remember: this is the girl who was reported to have been restrained during treatment and spoke of "Bad Amanda" ...sometimes even pulling and biting herself to get "Bad Amanda" out of her body.

Now, she's reportedly not taking any meds... And, her mom claims Amanda's problems before were related strictly to smoking weed.

After being "diagnosed" with schizophrenia and bipolarity, this seems like a scary thing. When a girl almost sets her dog on fire there must be something wrong.

However, her lawyers are firing back... Saying the diagnosis is bologna. 

Meds or no meds... We hope Amanda is doing well and wish her the best!