Would you rather know your cars MPG or its EPA ratings.

Some consumer groups are calling on federal regulators to require "Miles Per Gallon" (MPG) ratings to be included in all passenger vehicle advertising. 

The proposal is also calling for a complete ban of anything but EPA Ratings in ads. The Consumer Federation of America says the move by the consumer organizations is to allow consumers to make informed choices and also to put pressure on auto makers to build fuel efficient vehicles.

Jack Gillis of the CFA says their recommendations to the Federal Trade Commission also include prohibiting the use of the word "highway" number in the ads, as those numbers are rarely achieved, and requiring the posting of the fuel economy rating of the model that's expected to be most popular, rather than an unpopular model that has the best mileage in the auto maker's line.

The letter to the FTC also says MPGe conversion ratings should be included in all electric vehicle advertisements.