Ten thousand Grand Rapids Public Schools students were put into uniforms this year for the first time ever.  

This was a  behavior modification effort and a spring survey from the schools finds that 82-percent of the staff liked what came of it. 

Spokesman John Helmholdt admits the *student* acceptance is nowhere near as enthusiastic.  And, in the survey, parents' feelings were "a mixed review," he said.  "We need to find some more vendors".

Currently the uniforms are only available through two Meijer stores.  There are others in the works for year-round availability, not just during the school season.

Helmholdt told WOOD Radio that it definitely has improved the school climate.  "People really felt like, when you walk in a school, it had this focus of teaching and learning, and not just fashion and who's wearing what."

This past year found Kindergarten-through-8th graders in uniforms. Helmholdt says all Middle School students will be included in the uniform mandate starting this coming fall.