Negotiations are under way to determine whether Spartan Stores will keep its headquarters in West Michigan or move them to Minneapolis.

WOOD TV reports Spartan is in process of merging with Minneapolis-based grocery wholesalers Nash Finch.

That deal was announced in July, but the two companies were not strangers at that time.

According to a newspaper report from Minnesota citing SEC filings, Nash Finch initiated talks with Spartan about a potential business combination. In May 2011, Nash Finch submitted a preliminary, nonbinding letter of interest offering to buy Spartan Stores in an all-cash merger, according to the paper report. That deal never went through.

Then in July of this year, a $1.3 billion deal was reached between the two companies.

When announced, Nash Finch said it would keep operations in both West Michigan and Minneapolis and it would make Spartan's current CEO the CEO of the merged company.

Spartan employs 8,700 people throughout the entire company, including at its grocery stores. It is unclear if any jobs would be moving if the headquarters move happens.

The move isn't a done deal -- it's only known that negotiations are happening.