Kent County detectives hope to track down scammers using the Sheriff's Department to get at someone's money, personal or financial information.

On Monday, investigators were told by a resident they'd been called by someone claiming to be with the Sheriff's department. The phone number's caller ID was mocked up to look authentic, the message was that there's a warrant for arrest and hundreds of dollars must be paid to cover the matter. The person contacted was suspicious, despite the reference in the call to an actual Kent County Sheriff's employee and called in to bonafide detectives.

Captain Kevin Kelley in Administration with KSCD said this mirrors the "Green Dot" scams where the caller claims to be with the IRS or a family member needing money fast. They suggest keeping your personal information and money from being sent out until you're sure of the situation and other person involved.

Lieutenant Al Roetman of the Kent County Detectives Bureau told WOOD Radio they would never solicit money from the public by phone, even when there's a legitimate contact from the department. Still, "three people called after we made this matter public to say they'd been taken." Lt. Roetman said the fake phone number provides the temporary credit card number and access to the funds without possessing that device.