Now just 52,000 Consumers Energy customers do NOT have power in Michigan from last Sunday's ice storm. 

Most of those are around Flint, as the power company has had thousands of repair crews working since Sunday, literally around the clock,  over the holida to restore the power.

There's been a huge improvement in Barry County, wheree three quarters of the power company's customers were in the dark Monday morning.   Now, it's less than 1-in-4.

But Friday and Saturday may bring a non-intuitive increase power outages again.

Roger Morgenstern explained to WOOD Radio's West Michigan's Morning News Friday morning that the above-freezing warm-up those two days will cause many ice-heavy branches to spring back and knock down even more power lines.

The extra line crews that came to Michigan to help are still in place and Morgenstern said one of their Mobile Storm Trailers, a supply semi, has been relocated to the Hastings area, as well.

Morgenstern says the goal remains to get every customer restored by nightfal Saturday.

photo: Consumers Energy