Muskegon's City Manager tells WOOD Radio it's time to see what the public thinks of their community and the roads that cross it.

Frank Peterson said the City Commission will hold an "On the Road" community relations meeting next Tuesday the 20th. He told WOOD Radio it'll start at 5:30 p.m. at Sumner Avenue and Wood Street. "At Smith-Ryerson Park, we're going to have some hot dogs and things just to kind of get people to come out and interact with the commission." A recently requested 5 year Action Plan includes the possibility of a road millage to improve conditions. Peterson said the possibilities include seeking 5 mills dedicated to funding road work. "Right now about we're at about 65% of our roads are in poor condition, we're trying to get that number down to about 15% or lower. We think we can do that with the five mill (staff proposal)." The city manager told WOOD Radio they estimate a mill would generate a half million dollars, so five mills would present $2.5 million annually.

Peterson said the session, along with another next month on the west side of Muskegon would also consider other issues important to the city. "Quality of life and blight, kind of taking Muskegon and moving it forward instead of watching it decay in our urban neighborhoods." The discussion about road millage has some urgency as Peterson said that would require a charter amendment. They know any language that would be considered by voters would have to be approved by the 24th of June.