Waste, including that from a hydraulic fracturing site in Pennsylvania, is making its way into Michigan landfills, the Detroit Free Press reports.

The newspaper reports the Wayne Disposal landfill is one of the few sites in the region to have the license to accept radioactive waste, which was shipped to the state from a hydraulic fracturing operation in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania hosts the Marcellus shale natural gas formation, one of the largest in the country.

Radiation in the waste is considered a low-level threat, though residents and lawmakers have expressed frustration.

Michigan Rep. Jim Townsend, a Democratic, says he's frustrated that Gov. Rick Snyder and House Republicans are sitting on their hands while surrounding states crack down on waste.

"They are putting our communities and families at risk because they are too cozy with the oil and gas lobby to demand that they keep their radioactive waste out of our neighborhoods," he said in a statement.