The National Weather Service said temperatures for Tuesday could be the highest so far for the year, but it's far from a record.

The weather service says highs should be close to 90 degrees by late Tuesday. With the humidity, it may feel much warmer than that. If forecasts are accurate, it may be the hottest day recorded so far this year.

In its historical records, the weather service says the all-time high was 97 degrees in 1934. A record low of 63 degrees was reported in 1947.

Some severe weather may develop in the region, which is consistent for this day in history.

In 1953, the weather service says severe thunderstorms struck the area as a cold front moved through. Several streets in the area were blocked by downed trees.

A similar event struck in 2010.  A so-called microburst produced winds up to 75 miles per hour in Kalamazoo country and a tornado was reported in Allegan county.

The National Weather Service says the average temperature for July 22 is 70 degrees.