The average person gains one to five pounds of weight between now and New Year's Day, according to family physician Dr. Jim Applegate. 

Applegate, with Advantage Health, tells WOOD Radio's West Michigan Morning News Friday that there are things you can do to avoid that weight gain, without stressing yourself into a depressingly restrictive mindset.

For instance, Applegate says when sitting down to a big dinner or browsing a heavily laden buffet table, "take a Taste, not a Trophy".  That way, he says, if you find something a really good, it's okay to have a second "Taste".

Also: Don't Drink Your Calories.  Beers and sweet alcoholic drinks have a lot of sugars in them, even if they don't taste sweet.   He advises sticking to "clear drinks" instead of eggnog and "those specialty martini drinks."

"If you're going to drink cocktails, drink ones that are clear because they're mixed with club soda or water" and not a lot of fruit juices.

Another tip:  Drink Red Wine Parties.  Applegate says red wine tends to fill you up more quickly because of the tannins.   

Finally, if you'll be with friends and family, focus on the friends and family instead of the food.