A Kentwood man suspected in an armed robbery will be returned to Grand Rapids after his arrest in California.

28 year old DeMarco Carnegie was charged with a mid-August case in Bakersfield where he threatened a couple with a hammer. Grand Rapids Police detectives say he still had a threatening note used in an August 8th gas station holdup with him when California authorities took him in.

Lieutenant Patrick Merrill told WOOD TV the Major Case Team also believes he's the killer of Marie Nettles, a prostitute found dead near Ken-O-Sha Elementary that same day in August. While they have DNA evidence that reportedly links Carnegie to Nettles, they will not rush the murder case to the court. "You get all the evidence that you can put together, take your time and do it right and let the prosecutor make a really good decision with every piece of information that is possible."

Carnegie would be facing habitual offender status if he's convicted for armed robbery of the gas station, as he has a 2010 armed robbery conviction in Grand Rapids. City detectives have returned from California and will start the extradition process.

(photos of Nettles and Carnegie courtesy WOOD TV)