Lake Superior still had 68-percent ice coverage as of Wednesday, according to satellite pictures.

That's well above the previous record ice coverage on that date set 35 years ago. According to the Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory, the previous highest amount of ice on that date was in 1979 when there was 38-percent ice cover.

Published reports Lake Michigan still had 15-percent ice cover. The highest amount on that date was five percent in 1979.

Lake Huron was still reporting 2- percent ice, with the previous late season high at 11-percent in 1996.

Lake Erie still had 7.6-percent ice on April 23.  Previously on that date the highest amount of ice was three-percent in 1978.

Lake Ontario still had eight-tenths of one-percent ice cover. That's more than the six-tenths it had in 1977.

The entire Great Lakes system reported 35-percent ice cover on Wednesday.  The closest amount of ice at this late date was 16 percent in 1979.