The weather in West Michigan is perfect for a boat or beach day out on the lakeshore.

The National Weather Service in Grand Rapids has issued a beach hazards statement for dangerous swimming conditions for Tuesday (7/22)  and Wednesday (7/23).

We've got the information you need before you head out on the water.

Swim Hazard Risk: High

Waves: 3-5 feet

Water Temperature:  ~62 degrees

Sky/Weather:  Partly sunny, areas of fog after 2 p.m. Chance of thunderstorms after 2 p.m. High of 77 degrees.

Beach Winds: South winds 5-15 MPH increasing to 15-20 MPH in the afternoon

A high risk of swimming hazards means that dangerous waves and currents are expected along the lakeshore, and could even be life threatening.

High waves and rip currents are the most threatening hazard. Rips aren't always easily discernible to the untrained eye, but there are several signs:

-Unusual choppiness and breaking waves

-Discolored water and sand turning over

-Debris and foam moving out into the lake

The United States Lifesaving Association recommends staying out of the lake when there are breaking waves.

If you are caught in a rip current:

-Don't panic and don't fight the current. Save your strength. Let the rip take you out but stay above water. Rips don't take you under, but can be powerful.

-Swim parallel to the shore until your out of the rip. Then, swim or call for help to get back to shore.

-DO NOT SWIM TO SOMEONE's RESCUE. If you see someone struggling alert a lifeguard or safety official, or throw them a floating object.