The Reuters news agency finds an active black-market for unwanted children as the parents who adopted the kids, get them moved to other  families. 

Reuters says these people trade the children on  Facebook and Yahoo forums.   Reuters found at least eight "re-homing" groups active on the internet.

Adoption agencies, like Bethany  Christian Services in Grand Rapids, want this stopped.     CEO Bill Blackquiere says "Children need to have a professional approach to re-placing them in homes."

He wants government to be involved in regulating what reportedly is a burgeoning re-homing industry.

Blacquiere says that sometimes re-homed children ended up in abusive situations with families that had not been vetted by any adoption agency.

He understands that a family may discover the child it has adopted may have behavioral or mental issues that were not apparent at first.  "They shouldn't be afraid to reach out for help," he says.

Blacquiere tells WOOD Radio, "We're not going to judge any family" in a challenging situation.  He says "families can be helped."