Participants had fun running, biking, and driving safely across west Michigan for the Fred (200 mile) and Ed (100 mile) race relays--making memories and friends along the way.

Here is a quick reference of unique terms from the race.


"Crew" - Team

"Conductor" - Captain of the team

"Wrecking Crew" - Ultra team of 6 runners

"Yard Crew" - Standard team of 7 to 12 runners

"Peanut Roaster" - Team vehicle

"Main Rail" - Running route

"Switch" - Runner transition point

"Spur" - Individual leg of run

“Beehive” - Main transition points for 12 person yard crews.

“Shining time” - Starting time

“Highball” - Average crew pace

"Wearing the Blue” - Stopped because predicted average pace was too fast

“Counting the ties” - Reducing speed

“Broken knuckles” - Sleeping quarters for crews

“Buzzard’s Roost” - Finish line