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Audien got his start in music very early on, and since then, he's managed to create chart-topping music supported by some of the biggest guys in dance music, including Pete Tong.

This year alone, he put out his hit tracks "Wayfarer," "Iris," and even a remix of Bruno Mars' "Treasure." He has also remixed Armin van Buuren's "This Is What It Feels Like."

But creating music is only part of what Nate Rathbun does. He has been spreading his music, by playing all over the world at some of the most renowned clubs and festivals. 

We got to sit down with the young producer at Electric Zoo in New York City after his set on the main stage. He talked about his music, upcoming bus tour with Morgan Page, remixing Bruno Mars, and revealed he has two brand new singles on the way - which he played in his main stage Electric Zoo set! Check it out below:

How was playing at Electric Zoo on the main stage?

It was really cool. Everyone showed up really early, and it was almost packed up right when I got on. So I was really happy. I haven't been [to Electric Zoo] before. I always wanted to go and I'm glad that the first time I was here I was able to play!

You are about to shoot a video for "Leaving You?"

Very much so. It's gonna be really cool because this is my first video, and I want my first video to be an awesome video of course! We're really gonna put a lot of effort into it and make it as cool as possible. We got a really amazing lyric video done for it [already]. It's gonna be like showcasing the lyrics but in a very animated sense. It's really amazing. I can't wait to release it so.

Tell us about "Iris" - it's been, it's been doing really well! Pete Tong has been playing it on "All About Pete Tong." 

Oh Iris is just a track that I've always wanted to do. You know, after I did this track "Wayfarer" on Anjunabeats, it was my biggest track. Everyone was playing it and I wanted to do something with that same melodic signature. So I did Iris and it's kind of in the same feeling almost as Wayfarer, but it's very unique in it's own way.

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You also remixed Armin van Buuren's "This Is What It Feels Like?"

Brand new. [That was] really good. When Armada put out "Leaving You" and "This Is What It Feels Like," I feel like those were the two kind of like, radio tracks for Armada at the moment. It made sense to me to do that [the remix], because I love that song and I like remixing radio tracks. For me radio tracks are really understandable. They're really like melodic and just fun, and that's why I really like that one. So it's perfect.

Speaking of radio tracks, you also remixed Bruno Mars?

I did, yeah. [It was] amazing. That's one of my favorite remixes I've done so far, along with the Arman one! 

Are you a Bruno Mars fan?

Yeah, absolutely. I think everything he does is always different you know. So you never know what he's gonna do next.

[Buy Bruno Mars - "Treasure" (Audien Remix) on Beatport]

Who else do you listen to outside of dance music?

I listen to a lot. I have a billion artists I love. I love a lot of hip hop.

Do you have a favorite rapper?

I like Kendrick Lamar a lot. It's just so many. It's insane. But I listen to a lot of drum & bass as well, just like kind of underground liquid drum & bass. Like the melodic stuff - I love that. And a lot of down tempo. I'm a big Bonobo fan. I don't know if anyone [knows him], I don't know if any dance music guys would know Bonobo, but he's amazing, down tempo like really really classic stuff. 

Tell us about your upcoming tour with Morgan Page?

It's gonna be my first bus tour, so it's gonna be a little insane but I'm looking forward to that a lot so. I'll probably sleep a lot in that bus so I'm just looking forward to it. It's gonna be really cool.

What are the essentials to have on the bus with you? What do you need to have?

My laptop, a lot of clothes. I'll probably get new clothes anyway. My headphones. I'm gonna try and produce a lot while I'm on that bus. I never want to stop producing. Like if I stop producing for a week I'm starting to get withdrawals so.

You're also going up to Montreal with Laidback Luke?

Yeah, I've always wanted to meet him. He's a big inspiration so great DJ. Amazing!

Who else are your inspirations?

I have a lot. I really like what Madeon is doing. He's really amazing. That new one, "Technicolor" is like one of my favorite tracks right now, he's great.

What else are you working on right now?

I have a couple of new singles done - very good vocalists on there. One of them especially, a lot of people would recognize! It's a male vocal... So I'm looking forward to those but we're gonna be definitely pushing "Leaving You" for a while because I still love that track just as much as when I first made it. So I think it has some staying power for sure.

Since we are at Electric Zoo if you were an animal, what animal would you be?

I would definitely be a fish of some sort. Yeah. I don't know because like I like to swim. Swimming is good. It's good exercise and I'm a fish. I'm definitely a fish. I feel like a fish. Probably like one of those really deep sea ones with a big teeth, [and ] like ugly. 

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